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i-ownersThe Home Buying Experience

The home buying experience is intense. People research builders and construction processes and neighborhoods. But then a funny thing tends to happen. They settle in, start living life, and the builder’s presence fades as the house becomes a home. It’s pretty normal. Not with us. From choosing a home to your final walk through, we want you to know what you have to look forward to along the way. We’re dedicated to creating a positive homebuying experience you’ll always remember. And we are just as committed to your happiness after you’ve moved in. Macfarlane Homes has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted home builders in the community for a reason.

Warranty Service Benefits

  • Confirm receipt of your request
  • Keep a history of previous Warranty Service Requests
  • Be kept up-to-date on the status of your repairs in real time.


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